Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wings of Elegance IV

It looks like the hummingbirds are migrating late this year, but that's no surprise because the weather has been crazy! Normally the first hummingbird sighting means that Spring is here to stay, but we actually have a bit of snow in the forecast this weekend! I don't know if we'll actually see snow, but the wind is quite chilly and my outdoor water fountain was frozen again this morning. Even if it's still cold outside, I'm celebrating the arrival of Spring and the beginning of hummingbird season with the Wings of Elegance IV.

Wings of Elegance IV

Price: $18.97

Sale: $11.38
Save: 40% off

Mix and match these 12 designs in both the 4x4 and 5x7 sizes with the Wings of Elegance IIIIII sets for stunning quilts, wall hangings, bed linens and more. Choose your own monogram style for elegant and unique monogrammed items.  There's a sample for you to download when you visit as well.

Happy Stitching!

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