Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amish Friendship Bread- Baking Day Mishaps!

Thursday was baking day for my Amish Friendship Bread. After ten days of feeding and caring for my starter for the last 10 days it was time to see what this starter could actually do! I was so excited and quite nervous all at the same time. You already know the reasons why I haven't baked this bread in over 20 years from a previous post. So I'm sure you can understand my nervousness.

The directions were followed to the T and according to the recipe, I divided the starter into 4 parts (1 to keep and start a new cycle with and 3 to give away), but because I wanted to make sure the starter would work at the elevation at which we live, I decided to bake with all but the 1 to start a new cycle with.   It wasn't long before the memories of why I stopped baking yeast breads in New Mexico came flooding back!

I made the 1st batch using the recipe I recently acquired from the Friendship Kitchen website, the second batch I used the Banana Nut Bread modification and a third batch using my original recipe that I brought from Oklahoma.  How did they turn out? The 3rd batch rose and then fell so quickly, there was nothing left in the center and it was burnt. Into the garbage it went!  The banana nut version was actually some of the best banana bread I've ever tasted however it sunk in the middle and spilled over the sides. But that didn't make near the mess as the first batch did! Just picture Mount Vesuvius in my oven!  I'm glad I baked that first batch last, because it was complete and total destruction.  It reminded me of the volcano my daughter made for her 4th grade science project. Only instead of erupting all over kitchen counter and floor it was all contained nicely in my oven!
I ended up having to put my oven on a 6 hour cleaning cycle which set the smoke detectors off in my kitchen.   I wish I had thought of taking photographs for you to see the mess!

Like I said in the last post, I'm not going to give up! I'm prepared to take notes and make modifications. I did get in touch with our County Home Economist and she gave me a brochure regarding high altitude baking.  I'm continuing to feed the starter, and in 8 days, I will be making bread again and hopefully with more success!  If there is anyone out there that lives at an elevation of over 5000 feet (I live at 5860 ft) and has had success in baking an Amish Friendship Bread or any kind of sourdough bread from a starter, would you please be kind enough to share your recipe?

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