Saturday, April 20, 2013

Monster Cookie Set & If the Shoe Fits

Hi Everyone! 
Brrr! And here I thought it was Spring, but I guess Winter just had to give it one last shot with a bit of snow today! I really enjoyed that 80 degree weather we were having a few days ago! I hope wherever you are, you're enjoying sunshiny day! 

"It's In the Bag" this week with a Monster Cookie set. You can have lots of fun with these cute little monsters. Stitch them in glow-in-the-dark or bright neon embroidery threads for the kids tees. Cute on bib overalls too! Stitch the redwork designs directly on stabilizer and let the kids color them in with markers or crayons while the Monster Cookies they just made are baking for lots of rainy day fun! Create fuzzy monsters by using faux fur or Minkee fabric with the included applique designs. 

All of the "It's In the Bag" sets, including this one have the complete recipe, and two printable tags. If I can ever figure out my Silhouette Cameo, there may be some cutting files to go with these in the future.

Happy Stitching!
It's In the Bag- Monster Cookie Set
It's In the Bag- Monster Cookie Set
• Redwork, Filled & Applique Monsters in 4x4 & 5x7
• Separate text in 4x4 for easy placement
25 designs total PLUS:
Complete Recipe with printable baking instructions and "baked with love" tags also included.
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P. S.
Oh! I have some very exciting news! It's no secret that I love to read and my Kindle goes with me pretty much everywhere. So when I was given the opportunity to review a soon to be released book from one of my favorite inspirational fiction authors, I jumped at the chance!  I loved this book and I'm in the process of writing my review of this modern day fairy tale called If the Shoe Fits by Sandra D. Bricker (which I will post here), but until then, here's one of my favorite quotes from the book:
Click image above to view Sandra's official Facebook Fan Page.

Hmmmm...Perhaps a shoe embroidery design is in order???

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fabric Gift Bags- A Photo Tutorial

Determine how large you'd like your fabric bag to be and multiply by 2 adding 1/4 inch for seam allowance. This is how much fabric you will need for each bag. If adding a ribbon for tying, you will need a length equal to the width of your fabric.

For example, if you want to make a bag (without cuff) that is 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide, you will need a piece of fabric that is 10 x 12.25 inches and a piece of ribbon that is 12.25 inches in length.

After you've determined how large you want the bag to be, fold your fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together, pinning the folded ribbon on the inside about 2 inches from the top. Stitch 1/4 inch seam allowance along the bottom and up the open side.

IF you are NOT going to finish the bag with a cuff, end your stitches about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the top. This will allow you to trim the top of the bag with pinking shears without cutting into your stitches and gives the top of the bag a decorative effect while at the same time, helps keep fabric from unraveling.

Squaring the bottom of the bag:
To square the bottom of the bag, pull out the sides of each corner into a triangle, matching seams on side and bottom. Stitch across the widest part. and snip off the ends. Turn right side out.

To add a cuff:
If you want a 3 inch cuff, then cut your fabric twice the width of the bag and twice the height of the cuff. Using the bag size mentioned above as an example, the fabric dimensions needed will be 12.25 x 6.25. Fold wrong sides together lengthwise. Press, fold in half and stitch 1/4 inch seam on the short end. Press seam open. Turn so that the seam is now on the inside and the unfinished edges are facing the top. With bag turned RIGHT side out, pin the cuff to the inside of the bag, matching seam. Pin and stitch with 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Pull cuff out of the bag and press seam down towards the bag. Fold cuff over and press in place.
And here is a finished bag. The attached ribbon is hidden under the cuff.

Have fun! You can make these bags to be any size you like and it's a great way to use up scraps or fabric quarters! And don't forget to check out The Country Needle's "It's In the Bag!" sets for gift giving ideas!
Happy Stitching!