Friday, May 6, 2011

Nathenia's Hummingbird

A couple of years ago as a birthday gift, my youngest daughter and my daughter-n-law paid for me to get a tattoo. I'd always wanted one, but until then, never had the guts to have it done. I just knew that if I ever got one, it would of course be a hummingbird and it would be in an inconspicuous location where I could either hide it or show it off!
Though it might have taken most of my adult lifetime to get the tattoo, it only took me two years to finally get around to digitizing the artwork. LOL, after I had the hummingbird stitched out and was showing my hubby, this is what he had to say; "So if you ever decide you want another tattoo, all I have to do is stick you in the embroidery machine?? Can we say OUCH!!!
Nathenia's Hummingbird

Price: $15.97

Sale: $7.99
Save: 50% off

This set includes two realistic hummingbirds and two trumpet vine flowers in fill and redwork for both the 4x4 and 5x7 hoops as well two hummingbird and flower combo designs in filled and redwork for the 5x7 hoops. Create wonderful arrangements with the single and combo designs for quilts and tote bags. The 4x4 redwork designs also stitch wonderfully on cardstock for even more unique creations. 18 designs total.

And in case you're wondering, here's what the tattoo version looks like:
Don't forget to visit the Samples page to download a hummingbird Mother's Day design.
Have a wonderful weekend and as always....
Happy Stitching!

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