Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mud Hole Piglets & Sewing Room

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Not much going on here and I have no stories to tell or anything profound to say. I did have jury duty Thursday and after sitting there for 3 hours, I was finally dismissed from sitting on that particular jury because I mentioned that I thought my hubby had testified against the defendant in a previous case. LOL they certainly didn't want me on THAT panel!

The sewing room is finally cleaned up and you can view more photos here. LOL I had a friend ask me why we moved the sewing room. Well, in a lot of homes, the kitchen/dining room or wherever the television is located, is the gathering room. But in our home, everyone eventually ends up in the sewing room so it just made more sense to move it to a larger room so we all weren't feeling claustrophobic. 

We've got to do something about more lighting though. It's great during the day, but in the evenings, it gets pretty dark in here. I did see some light fixtures made from some old canning jars and think those would be really cool suspended from the ceiling, but not sure if they'd give off enough light. I also found a 1930's hoosier in excellent condition and am seriously thinking of getting it to replace the white ClosetMaid cabinets and drawers between the embroidery machines. It even has a pull-out countertop for extra workspace. Though I'd really like to find a pie safe with hand punched tin door panels and use it for storage space instead and which would also be perfect for a fabric stash! : ) 

You'll find this week's newest set below. It, along with the other Critters and Feathered Friends are 45% OFF this week.

Mud Hole Piglets

Price: $14.97

Sale: $8.23
Save: 45% off

You've heard the nursery rhyme this little piggy stayed home and this little piggy went to the market, etc.

But did you know that the piggy that stayed home decided it wanted to play? Since it had the pig pen all to itself, straight to the mud hole it went and what fun that little piggy had!!
Stitch these little mud hole piggies on baby's bath towels and bibs. Or even on your favorite BBQ apron. Set includes both 4x4 & 5x7 designs in fill and redwork. 20 designs total.

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