Friday, February 11, 2011

Prim Stitcheries!

I think Primitive decor always has the look and feel of warm and cozy no matter what the season.  I think it just makes people feel welcome and to me it says, welcome and come on in to sit a spell- At least that's how I want people to feel when they come into my home. A heart-warming, friendly, make yourself at home, have a cup of coffee type atmosphere, who doesn't like feeling that?
Whether it's Annie or Ornies or Pumpkins or Snowmen, prims are used all year round. February is Prim Month at The Country Needle and here are some of our newest sets:

This would be great for a stay-at home Mom that needs a bit of cheering up from all the snow days the kids have had. I remember when I could relate and there are times when I still do : )

Prim Sentiment Stitcheries
Here I stitched the 6x10 Prim Sentiment Sampler on white cotton fabric and then tea stained the entire design.  When the fabric is your desired color, rinse and hang to dry.  While my fabric was drying, I took an old barn wood frame and stretched a piece of window screen to the back, stapled in place and added my hanger.  When the design was dry, I didn't bother to iron it because I wanted an old wrinkled look. I then snipped the edges and ripped the edges off creating a fringed look. Using 4 big silver safely pins, I attached the design to the screen.  It is now gracing my rec room wall next to an antique style telephone. 

This set of 31 designs includes a 5x7 & 6x10 Sampler and 14 Prim Sentiments in 4x4 & 5x7 to mix and match to your heart's content to make your very own unique sampler. There's also a mini heart spacer included. 

We can't forget Valentine's Day! Here's a craft idea for the little ones.
Prim Valentine Stitcheries 02
Stitch these Prim Valentine Animals on just regular stabilizer. Staple them together or using a hole punch tie the pages together with ribbon. Gift with a new box of crayons or markers and let the little ones color in the designs. I think these would also be cute framed after they've been colored to hang on a child's bedroom wall.

Happy Stitching!

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