Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday's Angels- Paying it Forward

I often receive emails in regards to how someone has used my FSL angels or that they were a recipient of one and while each one has a special place within my heart, every now and then, I get one that...well it touches your soul. As you may know I recently opened the Yahoo group up for chatting and reciprocal ads and for a few, that just didn't go over very well. I was even told that they were sick of the angels and they'd had enough of the Wednesday's Angel program. Naturally, I questioned myself and why I have diigitized angels every Wednesday for the last 4 years. I didn't have to wait very long for an answer. And for those of you who stitch angels for others and occasionally wonder why you're doing it, I think the following email just might be your answer too. It is reprinted with permission:

"I am usually quietly sitting in the background and working my business, but I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all that you have given - not just the group but the world. You will never know how you have touched peoples lives that you have never met, nor will ever meet. I have collected your angels since I joined your group. I love each and every one of them, though I can honestly say I haven't stitched them all out yet.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to use some of them. I was made aware of a small 6 year old boy who was loosing and eventually lost a

battle with a rare kidney desease, an 18 year old girl who has 6 months left due to inoperable brain cancer. My sister-in-law, aunt and neighbor - all diagnosed with breast cancer - all in June. I don't know what is going on in the world, but things are definitely changing. I lost my own 5 week old granddaughter due to mold poisoning.

Your beautiful angels are everywhere. They make such a great little "worry" stone if you will. I have made lapel pins, bookmarks, etc with the FSL styles. They adorn the cemetery as well. They are left on gravestones and find their way around. I love to give them away - they really do give hope for those who are in hopeless situations.

I want to thank you and pray that you continue for many many more years. Your generousity, which isn't always acknowledged, is so greatly appreciated.

Thank you"
~ Cindy Fitzgerald

So if you're an angel stitcher, or a digitizer like me who creates the angels for others to stitch out, always know that those little angels stitched with thread and fly to parts unknown are touching someone's life in more ways than I think we could even possibly imagine.

FSL Angel Charmers- Exclusive

And the next time, I'm wondering why I'm digitizing angels, I'm going to open up my inbox and re-read the emails that were sent over the years telling me how much it meant to them or a loved one.  If one angel touches one life, uplifts their spirits and puts a smile on their face, then it has all been worth it.  I don't know about you, but I'm going to keep creating and stitching angels! It's just a small way to "pay it forward."

Happy Stitching!

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