Friday, July 1, 2011

Sewing Room Move

Many of you may recall the story I told about remodeling our rec room a couple of years ago. You know the one where you know you're a Redneck if you remodel your house with a chainsaw? I'm not going to tell the story again but if you want to read it, you'll find message # 326 on my Yahoo group. Anyway...I think I've mentioned before that my ultimate goal was to move my sewing room/office into that room. Two years later, that is now becoming a reality! Yeah! So for the last several days I've been moving into another part of the house.

Now normally this would have been easy, but we have a tri-level house. When you walk in the front door, you're either going to go up or down or if you go right and down three steps, into the rec room. The foyer is quite narrow and the stairs a bit too steep for my liking.

Now that you have that pictured in your mind, imagine me (by myself) sliding my great big desk and all the other office furniture down a flight of stairs, maneuver the foyer and down another 3 steps. The reason I say slide is because I found that if you flip the furniture over to a sturdy smooth side, it just slides across the carpet like a hot knife through butter! I had no problem moving my desk but when I got it to the landing in the foyer, it got stuck! I had to then go out the side entrance, around the house, up the stairs of the deck to get back to the upper level. Then back down the stairs to get to the back end of the desk, pull it back up to get it unstuck and then turn it to get it through the foyer. I'm still not quite sure how I accomplished all that without scratching the wall or the door!

I still got in trouble from hubby from moving all that I did and believe me I'm certainly paying for it now! My knees hurt from going up and down the stairs so often, but all that's left to move is the embroidery machines and the cutting table- which I won't even attempt to move alone!  LOL and on a personal note, with all this moving and running up and down the stairs, I didn't need to use Margaret's blue dishwashing soap! 

If you'd like to see photos of what my sewing room looked like before the move, click here. I'll post new photos as soon as everything gets moved and set up in the new location.
Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day and as always...
Happy Stitching!

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