Friday, March 1, 2013

It's In the Bag! Chocolate Chip Cookie Set

Hi Everyone!
You've heard of "gifts in a jar," but how about "gifts in a bag?"
The blank ITH Drawstring Bag Set has been such a great success that I thought it was time to create sets to go with them!

Introducing the first in a new series called "It's In the Bag," this Chocolate Chip Cookie Set includes twelve designs total PLUS 2 printable gift tags and a recipe for my family's favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

Great for gift-giving or craft fairs! AND they ship so much easier than jars!
It's also a great way to include the kids and grandkids in family baking fun!

Have a wonderful weekend and as always...
Happy Stitching!
It's In the Bag- Chocolate Chip Cookie Set
Price: $12.97

•Redwork, Filled & Applique Chocolate Chip Cookie in 4x4 & 5x7
•Cookie Mix, Balanced Diet & Friend Sentiments in 4x4 & 5x7
12 designs total PLUS:
2 printable gift tags & recipe for my family's favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie mix

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