Friday, February 25, 2011

Prim Wreath Stitcheries- Corn Cozies & Mug Mats

Corn Cozies • Ice Packs • Scented Mug Mats & Trivets • Candle Mats • Coasters • Sachets •
Keyboard & Mouse pad wrist rests, Bean Bags & even a pillow for my Granddaughter’s Barbie Doll!

Those are just a few of the things that you can make with the ITH Corn Cozy Sets. But guess what? Those little corn bag liners also make pretty cool sachet, soap and seed bags! I have a ton of test squares and decided to use some of them for little salt scrub and milk bath bags for gift giving.  Print the instructions for adding to the bath, punch a hole in the corner, string a ribbon through, tie around the bag and you’re done!  I added some extra length to the top of the bags so I could have more of a ruffled look at the top when I tied the ribbon.
I've also added a couple of milk and salt bath recipes to the Hoop & Holler recipe section should you care to use them for gift giving! Since we live in a dry climate, we're always fighting dry skin, the milk bath recipes are my absolute favorite and are so nice for soothing dry skin!

Needing a larger square corn cozy or or how about a spiced trivet? Be sure to check out The Country Needle's newest sets here

Happy Stitching!

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